Student Services

Disability Support Services

Central Academic Building, Suite 210 | (210)784-1335 |

Disability Support Services (DSS) provides innovative services that empower and inspire student learning, development, and independence by facilitating equal access through reasonable and appropriate accommodations for students with disabilities. DSS collaborates with the diverse A&M-San Antonio campus community to offer guidance, support, and advocacy promoting equity for all.

DSS is committed to ensuring equal access, full participation, and reasonable accommodations by coordinating services that meet the unique educational needs of enrolled students with documented disabilities. DSS provides intake and case management services to students and will review all documentation to determine eligibility and accommodations. DSS works collaboratively with students as they actively participate in their academic pursuits. For additional information about DSS, visit our webpage at

Texas A&M-San Antonio Identification Card

Main Campus, Madla Building, Room 111 | (210)784-1300 |

Texas A&M University-San Antonio requires an identification card (ID) for faculty, staff, and students. The A&M-SA card must be presented upon request. All ID cards are issued at the Welcome Center Office. Students use the card to access student services, printing, and Jaguar Cash. All questions concerning the ID card should be referred to the Welcome Center Office. Additional information about the Jaguar Card is available here:

Information Technology Services (ITS)

Central Academic Building, Suite 233 | (210)784-4357

Information Technology Services (ITS) provides a wide variety of technology services to Texas A&M University-San Antonio including maintenance of technical resources used by students, faculty, and staff for a wide variety of teaching, learning, and research needs. Services such as open access labs, university email and file storage, wireless internet access, technology-enabled classrooms, and conference room spaces are all centrally supported by ITS. The department is also responsible for supporting software licensing and applications, ensuring information security standards are upheld, providing project management support, organizational change management consulting, and university process innovation recommendations. With a focus on customer success, the evolving ITS Department seeks to bridge the technical with the functional to create a comprehensive approach to technology and related initiatives.

Located in the Central Academic Building, Suite 233, ITS staff members stand ready to provide in-person and remote service and support to students, faculty, and staff. The ITS Helpdesk can also be contacted by phone at 210-784-HELP (4357) or via email at And, for those common requests, including password resets, ITS also provides several user self-service options. These resources, ITS Helpdesk office hours, and other helpful information are available through the ITS website at

Office of International Affairs

Senator Frank L. Madla Building, Suite 309 | (210)784-1309

The Office of International Affairs’ (OIA) mission is to enrich and foster the educational and work experience of Texas A&M University-San Antonio’s (A&M-SA) international community. The OIA serves as a welcoming presence for A&M-SA’s international students, and international faculty. The role of the OIA is to provide international admissions and immigration support to international students seeking an education at A&M-SA, and to facilitate in the immigration processing of foreign faculty hired at A&M-SA. The OIA protects the integrity of the university by upholding institutional policies, and compliance with local, state and federal regulations.  You may reach us at

Services and programs offered include:

International Students

  • International admissions support to prospective international students
  • Immigration advising to international students
  • International Student Insurance
  • Coordinate educational and cultural programs that foster global awareness
  • Good Neighbor Scholarship Program
  • International Ambassador Program

International Faculty

  • Provide immigration support to foreign faculty hired at A&M-SA
  • Process visa applications, and permanent residency applications sponsored by the institution
  • Act as a liaison among institutional departments and government agencies

Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities

Senator Frank L. Madla Building, Suite 311 | (210) 784-1353 |

The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities (OSRR) promotes a campus environment of student success that balances student rights and responsibilities through a fair and objective due process, while upholding the highest academic and behavioral standards articulated in the Student Code of Conduct.

The main role of the office is to oversee the student conduct process, educate the community on the Student Code of Conduct, and be an advocate for students who may have questions regarding community standards. Staff members in the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities strive to promote a campus climate of integrity, service, commitment and excellence by focusing on promoting a holistic approach to student rights and responsibilities.

If a report needs to be filed regarding a concern of behavioral or sexual misconduct, the formal process is to file report online at or email OSRR at

Student Counseling Center

Modular C, Room 166 | (210)784-1331 | |

The Student Counseling Center (SCC) provides brief individual and group therapy, crisis intervention, consultation, case management, and prevention services. These services can help facilitate students’ academic and life goals as well as enhance their personal growth and well-being. Our staff of licensed mental health professionals work with students to identify treatment goals and effective strategies to cope with difficult situations. All mental health services provided by the Student Counseling Center (SCC) are free, confidential (as the law allows), and are not part of a student’s academic or university record.

All enrolled A&M-SA students are eligible to receive an initial appointment to assess their needs. The initial appointment is used to make treatment recommendations based on individual symptoms, severity, appropriateness of services, and availability of resources. At the conclusion of the initial appointment, the licensed provider will render a clinical recommendation based on services that are best suited to meet individual needs.

Testing Center

Central Academic Building, Suite 209 | (210)784-1366

The Testing Center is a service for all A&M-SA students as well as the surrounding community. The Testing Center offers a wide range of examinations including proctored exam services, credit by examination, certification exams, placement testing, and entrance exams. TSI Counseling is offered through the Testing Center for scores, exemptions, TSI agreement, and enrollment at the University. We facilitate students' educational, personal, social, and cultural development in order to promote their success and persistence in the university. The services provided by the Testing Center are based on the guidelines developed by the National College of Testing Association's Professional Standards and Guidelines.